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In addition to owning my part-time business, Occasions To Savor, I work full-time.  My work is flexible and I mostly work from home but recently I had several meetings in the office.  I live 1-hour away from my office so consider that's 2 hours out of the day for travel time.  Also, I had calls to make for business and personal reasons, so I made my call list ahead of time.  I left the office to grab a bite to eat during lunch to make my calls.


I say all that to say - I had to be organized and focused to balance all the responsibilities on my plate.  I also have office hours when I'm working from home, which I do the majority of the week.  Get this - I've introduced exercising back into my schedule (I feel so much better when I move around).


Is there a right way to balance all your obligations - your business, work, family and personal obligations?  I don't know.  And I don't claim to be an expert.  I can say I tweak my schedule to improve my productivity and to maintain my health, including my sanity!  I encourage you to put systems in place - schedule business time, family time, and personal time, stay focused on your daily goals or to-do list(s), and enjoy the experience called life.  I call that "Savor"!


Savor life's best,





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