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When I worked as a long-distance telephone operator during the first two summers of college, it was easy to tell what holiday we were working based on the number of collect calls placed.  For Mother's Day, the collect calls went up (yes, people called their mothers and asked them to pay for the calls).  For Father's Day, the overall call traffic was not as dramatic (just my recollected observations).

A gross generalization is that fathers are less touchy-feely than mothers are.  Fathers do the providing while mothers do the care-giving and nurturing.  As any young child, most fathers are fun to be with while some mothers "nag the fun" out of rough play and silliness.  For some of us, it is easier to talk to our mothers.  Generally, we know where they stand - they clearly have no problem sharing their opinions.  For some Fathers, there is guesswork involved with knowing what our Fathers think, what our Fathers have experienced, and what our Fathers like.

Here's my best suggestion to solve your Father's Day Gifting Dilemma:

Create an opportunity where you and your Father will get to know each other and deepen your relationship.

The obvious is sitting down and talking.  For some children and Fathers, that might not work.  It may feel too confrontational.  Or, it may cause either party to feel trapped.  Or, it might feel too forced.

This Father's Day, schedule an activity that might provide fun (people relax more when they are having fun) and a chance to show your personality and your Father's personality.   The possibilities are endless.

Start here:  ask your Father (or Father-figure, depending on your situation) if he would mind getting together with you and letting you treat him to something special.  Then, ask him what he would like to do.  Just do it!

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Remember the paper valentines you used to give out in elementary school. In retrospect, what I liked was everyone got one. No one was singled out or felt left behind. This year, bring that feeling back. It doesn't have to be expensive. Think about those on your team and how you can express appreciation for their daily efforts.  This becomes important these days as life is presenting many challenges and a token of appreciation will go a long way.

Years ago, I worked in an office that had low dividers. When someone got a delivery of flowers, even if you didn't know them that well, you'd find a reason to stop by and say "Hey, I see you got some flowers. Those are beautiful", hoping something will arrive for you soon.  Don't make members of your circle of friends or influence wonder if you appreciate their support!

Now, if you are considering a Valentine's Day gift for someone you know on a personal or professional basis or you want something special for the one you love, here are a few possibilities:

1. Something homemade or handmade - to know someone took the time to craft a homemade items or something made by hand (e.g., a food or other item) for you, you definitely will feel special.

2. Something you do FOR them - if you know someone who has a hectic schedule and they keep talking about things they need to do, offer to do it for them.  The gift of time and consideration speaks volumes and shares goodwill exponentially.

3. Something to do WITH them - taking the time to create an experience with someone you care for or love and having shared memories deepen the important  relationships we have.  Dining out, visiting a museum, taking a trip, playing a game are just a few suggestions to show caring feelings for someone.  Taking the time for a team-building session or stepping away from the seriousness of your work lets those you rely on in the workplace feel recognized and appreciated.

Giving a visible gift that someone can show-off and let others know how loved and cared for still works for Valentine's Day.  If you do not want to go that route of sparkling jewelry, upscale clothing, or the latest gadget, consider the gift of time and spend it with those with whom you appreciate the most.

Savor life's best,


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What do you get for those who have everything?

Every year, I'm confronted with this very issue.  Since I am a business owner, I have been able to give a sampling of my products, which serves more than one purpose.  However, I'm wondering what to do with a couple people who gifts of candles or chocolate would not fit for them for varying reasons.  And what to do for those who literally have everything and can get whatever they want or need.

I think about these possibilities:

1. Something to read - book or magazine subscription

2. Something to eat - consider any dietary or preferences

3. Something to experience - this includes tickets for an event on their own or a way for them to accompany you to an event

Knowing your budget and possible retail outlets to find the gifts help with your gifting dilemmas as well.

While I work through my gifting dilemmas, I hope I have given you something to ponder also.

Savor life's best,



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Black Friday came and went. I purchased out of necessity that day. I needed a couple things and I went into the selected stores and left. I'm actually not a big shopper. I buy when I need something and usually have a game plan for my shopping experience. This stealth strategy has been fine-tuned since having my son and starting my business within the last few years because my life has become more busy exponentially.

Well, I love the feeling of holiday shopping this time of year. I carefully select the gift for the person. I take great care to buy something they would like and not something I would like them to have. I put a high value on usefulness too. The best part of gift-giving for me is seeing the reaction of the receiver. Every now and then, I miss the mark and I do not feel bad about returning something. What's make things easier these days are the gift receipts so the person can return their own gift. However, there is a difference feeling I get during this time of year. The sense of being on a mission, the sense of creating an experience, like the surprised look on someone's face, and re-connection gift-giving can offer, even if you live with the person. Although I budget my money so I do not have that money-worry-afterglow, I look forward to this time of year with great anticipation. I'd love to learn how others' approach this holiday shopping season.

Savor life's best,





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