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Yesterday was the first day of a new year, first day of a new month, and the first day of my new journal journey.

Nearly a year ago, after spending lots of time alone recuperating from minor surgery, I went to a networking event and met a Life Coach, Christine Beardmore of The Inspired Life, LLC. She offered a journal, which she passed around during her introduction. I fell in love with it. However, life got busy and I forgot to purchase the journal until she brought journals back to the networking group in November 2008. I finally purchased one. It's called "The Inspiration & Gratitude Journal". This journal gives you areas to respond to on the front of the page, which helped me release and formulate my thoughts. On the back, there is open space for reflection. By the time I got to the back of the page, I could feel the "flow" of my thoughts and nearly ran out of space. Before starting my new journal, I wanted to complete my notebook-style journal I was currently using . Plus, I wanted to find a milestone date to start using my new journal. New Year’s Day fits the bill.

Journal writing for me started when I was a freshman at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. It was something I always wanted to do. I did not know how to jump in there and do it. Well, I went to the stationary store and got a basic black journal with unlined paper. I took it to college with me and started my original journal journey. I have continued to write in a journal off-and-on in some fashion over the years. Selecting a special journal book is part of the passion. Having thoughts recorded outside of the view of others is also exciting. Now that I blog, I get to share those things I savor with those reading my blog. Journalling is something I truly savor!

One of the self-development and stress management techniques shared by psychologists and life coaches alike is journalling. It gives you a chance to release your thoughts in a private way. You do not have to share your thoughts with others. It also helps you sort out your thoughts - how you feel about something, no matter if it directly or indirectly impacts you. Writing in a journal is a way to spend time with yourself in this time-crazed, obligation-ridden world. Instead of striving for something (for those ambitious-types), writing in a journal helps you "be" you rather than "do" something. It does not take long and can be structured anyway you would like. I have written in unlined journals, lined journals, spiral notebooks, and now a journal with specific questions and blank space for unstructured writing.

I highly suggest this for men or women, and people of all ages. Check out my new journal and see if you can engage in the wonderful practice of journalling or introduce journal writing to someone you love.

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Posted By Aimee Wilson - Occasions To Savor


Do you keep things in storage, like in your basement, closet at the end of the hallway, or some other closed in place, and you don't have any of the items organized? Well, that's me. I was looking for some old papers and came across a book I used as a gratitude journal. It's a silk covered brown colored fold out book.  It can be used for various reasons, like store photos. I used it as a monthly gratitude journal in 2007. For some reason, my entries stopped mid-year. I started writing again the other day. What I'm grateful for poured out of me. Why I stopped writing, I can't recall. Was I "ungrateful" for some reason? Too busy? Overwhelmed with life? It may be one or more of these reasons. Starting again felt great. When I started writing the bird's eye things - food, shelter, job, and the like, I pushed myself to dig deeper for the little things. For some, writing every morning works for them. For me, just writing again, worked beautifully for me as I savored those things I appreciate the most.

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