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Over the last three weeks, I am have been engaged in an interesting challenge from the direct selling companies I am aligned.  Since 2006, I have been an Independent Distributor with Scent-Sations, Inc. and started as an Independent Chocolatier with DOVE Chocolate Discoveries in 2008.  National Sales Conferences for both companies were held recently and I attended them.  Although the business model, structure, and culture of each company are different from the other, I received the same challenge - a "Dare"; that is "Dare to Dream" and "Dare to Discover".

I am taking the "Dare"! Both companies have a uniqueness that is unmatched in the marketplace.  I derive great pleasure and fun from marketing their products.  Because my full-time position is quite serious, I receive the best of both worlds with important, serious work during the day and fun and yumminess at night and on the weekends.

The "Dare" I am taking is:

1. To excel beyond my wildest dreams

2. To play full out, no matter the outcome

3. To savor the journey to my destiny


Savor life's best,


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I am discovering the sweetest sound to people truly is their name. When I am in a store or obtaining customer service on the telephone, I use the person's name at the beginning and the end of the telephone call, if they provided it. A quick glance at their name badge, when in person, or kindly asking their name before you start receiving service goes a long way to the type of customer service you receive. In fact, in an unscientific way, I found that the quality of customer service goes up significantly when on the telephone. Perhaps it warms the interaction.

I did not make this up. I am simply taking a page from Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, Chapter 6, to be precise. Try it. Let the other person hear the sweetest sound!

Savor life's best,


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Like most people these days, I filled multiple roles.  Sometimes, I fill multiple roles at one time like:

- Mother

- Daughter

- Sister

- Friend

- Employee

- Entrepreneur

- Client

- Social Networker

You get the point.

These days, when I am confronted with competing responsibilities or a situation where I am not immediately sure how to handle it, I take the modern day deep breath.  I separate myself from the situation either physically (e.g., moving away from the situation) or figuratively (e.g., becoming "invisible" so I can gather information or compose myself).

For example, if someone on a social networking site reaches out to you in a way that surprises you (this could include lots of positive or negative instances), I put it on ice until I can gather my thoughts to respond in the best possible way. Every now and then, I may remember to breath.  A deep breath might occur on that rare occasion.  Typically, I just take a modern day deep breath and get back to the person within a reasonably responsible and professional amount of time so I can fashion an appropriate response.

I have found some relationships strengthened and other relationships calmly reconfigured or severed.  I highly recommend it - that when the next pleasant surprise or unexpected disappointment occurs, take a Modern Day Deep Breath.

Savor life's best,


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Wow, I've been craving the return of The Next Food Nextwork Star. Yes, I can understand with the holidays that the show took a week off. I'm glad they are making it up to me by airing for 90 minutes. I must say it was worth the wait.

What struck me with the Camera Challenge was that the contestants still struggle with simultaneously cooking and talking. I would have thought at their skill level that it was the equivalent of "walking and chewing" and they would be able to handle that easily.

While some of the other contestants who remained naturally have room for improvement in a number of areas critical to advancing each week, the bottom three contestants had challenges letting us know who they are, what their culinary expertise is, consistently demonstrating their culinary expertise, and/or delivering a confident camera presence.

With the eliminated contestant this week, it is a classic case of "If you don't know where you're going, how will you get there". Who is he? What did he stand for? First, his cooking seemed hit or miss. Second, his personality overpowered his food. And lastly, he was unsure of his culinary perspective and expected the judges to define that for him. The last runner-up (person second to the last to be eliminated) will be eliminated if he does not get real. The Next Food Network Star is about more than great food and that contestant is not consistently bringing great food.

All of the contestants, especially the remaining ones, need self-confidence. Personal development work, including declarations, affirmations, and daily mantras would help them greatly. I must say I was impressed to see this week's Star Challenge winners pull it out and move from the bottom to the top despite of their past conflicts.

I cannot wait to see who emerges as the frontrunner. Until next week...

Savor life's best,



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Once the calendar turns, magic happens.  We turn hopeful.  We start resolving to do better.  We are even giddy with the clean slate we've been handed.  I wondered why people do not make the same resolutions any other time of the year.  Or, why we wait until a new year to look forward.  Or, why we lament on the past at the end of the previous year.

It seems that the hope of tomorrow or a grand unknown is what gives us the magic of the new year.  It is almost like an hourglass - as the sand spills into the lower chamber, or moves closer to the end, we start looking back.  When the hourglass is turned upside down and all the sand is at the top, there is hope.

Let's not wait until a new year comes.  I challenge you to take each day as the clean slate.   Each new day gives us a chance to start over, see the possibilities, and put our stamp on each moment.

I invite you to change the magic of a new year to the magic of each new day.

Savor life's best,


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