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Like most people these days, I filled multiple roles.  Sometimes, I fill multiple roles at one time like:

- Mother

- Daughter

- Sister

- Friend

- Employee

- Entrepreneur

- Client

- Social Networker

You get the point.

These days, when I am confronted with competing responsibilities or a situation where I am not immediately sure how to handle it, I take the modern day deep breath.  I separate myself from the situation either physically (e.g., moving away from the situation) or figuratively (e.g., becoming "invisible" so I can gather information or compose myself).

For example, if someone on a social networking site reaches out to you in a way that surprises you (this could include lots of positive or negative instances), I put it on ice until I can gather my thoughts to respond in the best possible way. Every now and then, I may remember to breath.  A deep breath might occur on that rare occasion.  Typically, I just take a modern day deep breath and get back to the person within a reasonably responsible and professional amount of time so I can fashion an appropriate response.

I have found some relationships strengthened and other relationships calmly reconfigured or severed.  I highly recommend it - that when the next pleasant surprise or unexpected disappointment occurs, take a Modern Day Deep Breath.

Savor life's best,


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