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My favorite part of Next Food Network Star is the dual approach to discover who will have their own show on the Food Network - camera presence along with versatile culinary expertise.  While some contestants are offering smooth presentations that make you crave more from them, there are still contestants who baffle you because they have difficulty explaining their own creation.

For the Star Challenges, I would love to meet the creative minds who develop those concepts.  Having the remaining contestants work together to execute a supper club experience was genius.  Not only did I learn from that aspect of the show, I also enjoyed the commentary from the various foodies who attended.  The professionals who participate in the Star Challenges as critics have that slice of time to critique the contestants without prior experience with the contestants.  I think their opinions, based on a live, brief food presentation, adds credibility  because of the limited experience with the contestants combined with their culinary expertise.  It makes their impressions rise to a higher level.  While viewers at home determine within moments whether they will continue to watch a show, food or cooking shows must pique your interest with that X factor, which typically is the personable host whose personality catches your eye and draws you in.

Now, it finally happened this episode.  This week's eliminated contestant was allowed to flounder for sometime in hopes of seeing a dynamic presentation match her magnetic personality while experiencing sophisticated food worthy of the Next Food Network Star.  Like one of the other contestants mentioned on this week's episode, the eliminated contestant created too many pasta dishes.  As discovered on a wrap-up show called NFNS After Party on Cooking Channel, the eliminated contestant had a fabulous dish that could have been the difference maker.
  In case you just learned about this after party like I did, NFNS After Party gives a "Monday Morning Quarterback" perspective from hosts who include two past season contestants.  At the end of the after party show, the hosts gave their predictions on who would eliminated next.  I disagree with the prediction for the next eliminated contestant.  While one of the contestants whose name starts with "A" is soaring to the top, the other contestant whose name starts with "A", in my opinion, will be eliminated next week.  We will have to wait to see who is correct.

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