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Well, you know that the Next Food Network Star show is winding down with Sunday's episode featuring the final four finalists.  In this episode, the four of the Iron Chef America's judge the food of the Next Food Network Star finalists in Battle Shrimp and Battle Bacon.  I love Iron Chef America.  I especially like the cross-marketing when they bring in other Food Network stars.

The standards of the Iron Chefs were too much for this week's eliminated contestant.  I agree that it was time for her to go.  In a way, she peaked early and had limited growth.  Even though she expressed a consistent culinary viewpoint, I did not see anything special about her food.  You know what kept her around?  I believe it was her ease in front of the camera and during the camera challenges.  So many of the finalists had quirky personalities or seemed ill at ease when the camera came on.  The eliminated contestant's personality kept her afloat, so to speak.

I definitely am intrigued to find out who will be the Next Food Network Star.  If it is who I think will win, I am not so sure a confidence coach would not be needed on the sideline.  If it is who I would like to win, I cannot wait to see the new show.

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