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Well, the Next Food Network Star show ended its sixth season last Sunday.  I am just writing about the finale now because frankly, I was underwhelmed with the winner.  I understand the choice the Food Network made.  I just do not agree with it.  I am seriously not excited about it.

The two other contestants in the final three would have sparked more excitement from me.  I like the idea of cooking healthy with flavor.  That is actually how I got started cooking.  While in graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I used Cooking Light magazines to cook healthy and as an affordable means of entertainment (not that I had much time on my hands for that).  Plus, cooking with big, bold flavors with my chosen winner would have made me jump and shout!

It appears that the Next Food Network Star, whose new show kicked off yesterday (needless to say, I missed it), had a unique perspective that was different than her fellow finalists and other Food Network stars, I never got excited about her food.  My view of her was clouded by week after week of her doubting herself.  That was the storyline I got from the winner, not food that "wowed" me. 

I do wish her well, though.

Savor life's best,


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